About HBUS

About HBUS

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, HBUS is the exclusive US strategic partner of Huobi. With more than $50 billion’s worth of virtual currencies traded, Huobi is one of the world’s leading virtual currency service provider.  

HBUS believes that distributed ledger technology, or blockchain, is about more than virtual currencies and ICO tokens. For just as few could have foreseen the rise of social media when the Internet emerged three decades ago, the most revolutionary digital assets built upon distributed ledgers are likely yet to be conceptualized. It is with this vision in mind that HBUS strives to be a reliable and efficient marketplace for a rich selection of high-quality virtual currencies so that our users can be part of the open and competitive market that discovers blockchain assets with genuine potential to revolutionize the future of finance.

Excellence in Security

Safeguarding virtual currencies our users entrusted to us is the top priority of HBUS. HBUS does so by leveraging its exclusive access to Huobi’s battle-tested virtual currency enterprise wallet service, one with an unparalleled safety records. At its core, HBUS implements the same cold wallet technology, internal control processes and procedures and security best practices as those deployed by Huobi.

And among other security measures, HBUS’s web-based platform is protected by an advance DDoS-mitigation layer, multi-factor authentication, encryption in transit, encryption at rest, and inactivity time-outs. These security measures enable HBUS to provide a trusted and mature virtual currency marketplace combining security, reliability, and convenience for you.

Corporate Responsibility

HBUS is committed to legal compliance and upholding the highest ethical standards in every aspect. By conducting business with integrity, we sustain the trust of our retail traders, market makers, institutional partners, regulators and the wider virtual currency communities; protect legitimate individual and business in markets we operate from money laundering, terrorism financing and other financial crimes, and help build confidence in the long-term prospect of blockchain technology among the general public.

Combating Money Laundering, Terrorism
Financing and Sanctions Evasion

Like physical cash, virtual currencies are susceptible to abuse by money launderers, terrorists and sanctioned persons. HBUS as a FinCEN-registered MSB is strongly committed to complying with all Anti-Money Laundering / Counter-Financing of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) and OFAC legal requirements. Among other AML/CFT policies, procedures, and controls, all HBUS employees must undergo a pre-employment background check and routine AML/CFT training. HBUS also maintains comprehensive Customer Identification Program, AML Program and strong sanctions list screening and transaction monitoring practices to identify, investigate, report and block suspicious accounts and assets.

Market Manipulation Prevention

HBUS and other virtual currency industry participants share the common goal to ensure that our markets operate in a fair and transparent way free of fraud and manipulation. HBUS policies prohibit all HBUS employees from creating personal accounts on the HBUS platform. HBUS employees are also prohibited from using inside or proprietary information to trade virtual currencies anywhere. Additionally, the dedicated compliance function at HBUS will conduct surveillance of trading activity on the platform for various forms of manipulative or deceptive conducts. Findings of potential violations may be referred to appropriate regulators and result in permanent account suspension.

Protecting Your Privacy

HBUS respects and protects the privacy of visitors to our website and our customers who use our services. Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide you with a secure, smooth, efficient, and customized experience. In general, we use personal information to create, develop, operate, deliver, and improve our services, content and advertising, and for loss prevention and anti-fraud purposes. We take care to allow your personal information to be accessed only by those who really need to perform their tasks and duties, and to share with third parties who have a legitimate purpose for accessing it. HBUS will never sell or rent your personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy for additional detail on how HBUS protects your personal information.


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